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In the last 20 years, the architecture in Andalusia has undergone a very radical transformation, discovering a trend towards modern avant-garde design and especially nordic styles.

This is due to mainly 2 factors: the increase of tourists coming from Central and Northern Europe on one hand and, on the other hand, the growing percentage of Scandinavian residents leading to a relocation or opening of nordic design and architecture companies on the Costa del Sol.

This strong contrast between the traditional Andalusian style with its patios, fountains and covered areas and the nordic Avant-garde style using industrial materials and a sober design, has finally found its own balance between tradition and modernity.

We’ve listed the main characteristics of this new and predominant architecture, applied especially to new developments:

White – White – White

White in its different “shades” (actually referring to nuances of champagne and beige) is almost the only color you will see on construction sites. But recently, this trend has been evolving towards an integration of stone, wood and other natural materials. Therefore, the colors appearing slowly within the white villages are brown, grey and black.

Industrial Materials

The industrial style of 2020 consists in materials such as wood, iron, aluminum and glass. A very interesting characteristic is that there are absolutely no superfluous elements, only useful and very selected decoration is used. The new simplicity of modern architecture makes light and shades be the absolute actors of the contemporary stages.

Harmonic Integration of Indoors and Outdoors

In current architecture the transaction from indoors to outdoors happens without interruptions, one floats into the green stepping out of the eco designed home. Furthermore, the use of photovoltaic panels on family homes has finally found its acceptance and the concept of eco-awareness is spreading. The connection between inside and outside is usually created with big windows and doors, no obstruction is wanted and the dream of stepping into your oasis of peace directly from the edge of your bed or living room has come true.

Smart Homes

Nowadays one can control a 1500 m2 plot with a simple remote control connected to the alarm system, heating, lights, music, shades, pool and much more. The last step on the ladder towards absolute modernity is controlling everything from your smart phone and having all the data including energy consumption in your mobile app, with a real-time update.

So after all these achievements, that already took place and are at everyone’s reach, what will come next? We will keep you posted.  In the meantime, discover our newly constructing homes for sale here.

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