Covid Insurance

Free COVID-19 travel assistance insurance

News from La Junta de Andalucía (the regional government in Seville) Andalucía provides all non-resident international travellers with free COVID-19 travel assistance insurance for stays at any type of regulated establishments in the region during 2021. Types of coverage, circumstances covered in the case of infection with COVID-19 The insurer will cover the following (**) : Medical and surgical...

Hospital Costa del Sol and Covid-19 vaccinations

The general Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella East can finally expect the works on the unfinished new wing to be completed. Junta de Andalucía has announced that parliament will speedily secure the contracts to be confirmed in order for works to commence. The budget is estimated at 75 mill €. Not only will the new wing be finished, but the existing hospital will also undergo a thorough renovation to...

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