Live the Semana Santa (Holy Week Before Easter) In Marbella

Marbella Viewings - Semana Santa

What is the Semana Santa?

In Spain no week is as important as the Semana Santa. During this time, which goes from Palm Sunday (a Christian feast celebrating the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem) until Easter Sunday.

The tradition of these processions dates back to Roman times. During these walks local religious congregations carry the throne with the Virgin Maria and Jesus through the town. Especially the Old Town of Marbella will be busy with processions, each day has a march organized by the city’s brotherhoods carrying floats with candles, spreading incense and orange blossom and playing the traditional Spanish music that accompanies the commemorations. The sound of trumpets and drums will fill the air and the sensation of a big upcoming celebration (finding its peak on Easter Sunday) is almost touchable in the whole town of Marbella.

When do these processions take place?

Typically processions start at around 8 o’clock in the evening. Each event has its own timetable (processions are divided into different opening, main and closing ceremonies) and the route maps can be downloaded from the internet. Also the exact starting point and other useful information can be found on the pages of all parishes or brotherhoods such as the Nazarenes or the Mantillas.

Where can I attend the events?

As mentioned above, the processions going through the Old Town of Marbella are very interesting and involving (both at a cultural and at a religious level) but also the capital of the province Málaga and other small towns close to Marbella like San Pedro de Alcántara and Estepona are worth a visit.

Opening ceremony in detail:

In the Church of the Incarnation of Marbella, the poster announcing the Holy Week of Marbella 2020 and its preacher will be presented. With the presence of different councilors of the City Council of Marbella, the pastor and archpriest of Marbella-Estepona, José López Solórzano, and the president of the Association of Brotherhoods, Francisco Gil, will preside over the event. The preacher will be Francisco de Asís Fuentes, linked to the brotherhoods of Pollinica and La Soledad. He was elder brother of Rocío and has been a preacher of the Virgen del Calvario and the Christ of Exaltation, the Virgen del Carmen and the Virgen del Rocío.

Important things to know

During Easter Week supermarkets and shops have untypical opening hours. On Friday they are open until the afternoon, on Saturday many shops are already closed and on Sunday everything will be completely shut down. Parking in the streets of the center will mostly be forbidden during Holy Week but you can still use the big parking centers located in different spots of the town.

More Info

As you can see, the Holy Week is really a must-do and must-live on the Costa del Sol. If you have more questions about Holy Week or other topics, get in touch with us:

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