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Carnaval 2020

The spring starts, as every year, with the Carnaval. This season opening the gates to the spring time is full of events, parties and happenings. Most hotels host their own Carnaval party but you can also visit the nightclubs and bars of the town, where especially during the weekend of February 29th people will dress up and wear masks.

Run for your wedding 2020

A unique and funny happening is this event taking place in the second half of February in the port of Malaga. Couples dressed up in original wedding looks need to run 5 km with heels and jackets and everything that is part of a wedding look. The fastest and most original couple wins a money prize, which will help them organize their wedding day.

Tennis Open Marbella

From March 30th to April 5th tennis lovers will live an incredible week full great events in the very center of Marbella, on the Golden Mile. The ATP Challenger is a series of international men’s professional tennis tournaments. After the ATP World Tour, Challenger Tour events are placed in the second highest level of competition. The Challenger Tour players are young, who have not yet qualified for ATP events, or former ATP winners looking for another opportunity to return to the grand tour.

La Semana Santa – Easter Week 2020

As you might know, during the semana santa (which is the week before Easter Sunday – this year on April 12th) the streets of all Andalucian cities such as Marbella or Malaga are crowded by people watching the religious processions. During these processions, locals belonging to different fraternities carry around the thrones (weighing hundreds of kilos) with the Holy Virgin and Jesus. The Passion of Christ is lived in a very intense way in Spain and during these days local people visit the churches and many shops are closed.

Beachseason and fancy pool parties

Depending on the weather but typically at the beginning of May, Marbella’s famous beachclubs organize their big opening parties. In the best locations you will find international Dj sets and events such as champagne parties but also during daytime these places are ideal for a family lunch, a private party or a single mingle.

What comes after these beautiful and idyllic months of spring is the typically hot and Andalucian summer, lasting up to 5 months and hosting many worldclass events such as the starlight festival with the best selection of international music stars.

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