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Investment and lifestyle often go hand in hand. Our property portfolio include both resale and off-plan projects. Property prices on resale properties have risen 6-10% yearly since 2014. Off-plan projects typically see prices increase from 20 – 50% from point of pre-launch to completion. These projects sell out exceptionally quickly, and there is a high degree of real urgency to secure your unit.In some off-plan projects conditions allow selling on the contract during construction, ask us for details.

Reform Projects

Reform projects are popular, as they normally secure a high revenue on the investment when reselling.

When available in the market, they sell very quickly. We collaborate with lawyers, architects, builders, interior designers and banks and are happy to liaise to secure you peace of mind during the time of construction.

Marbella Viewings - Investment Reforms
Marbella Viewings - Investment Rentals

Rental Investments

We are blessed with the best climate in Europe, hence the big demand for living here residentially or owning a holiday home here. More and more clients choose to rent out their property when not in use, and the revenue of doing so can often prove to be good business and common sense.One of our closest partners is https://www.espana-holiday.com.
Espana Holiday represents innovation, including having implemented the latest booking technologies, along with a high customer satisfaction rate. In many cases we can already document the rental income, and are happy to sit together with you to analyse the rental potential and -investment from case to case.

Further Information

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